Have you tried everything to lose weight, only to gain it back? 

Does this sound familiar? 

 You spent the last few years trying to lose the last 5 lbs

✓ You walk into a room and look to see if you’re the biggest one 

✓ You look at old photos thinking 'if only I still looked like that' 

✓ You have a love-hate relationship with your favourite food

✓ You have a love-hate relationship with wanting to accept yourself but also wanting to be smaller 

What if things could be different? Imagine yourself saying:

✓I love the way I look! 

✓I love being front and center in every photo! 

✓ I love not worrying about my weight! 

✓I love spoiling myself with new clothes! 

✓I love being in control of my eating!

How do I know this is possible? Because I have helped countless other women in your exact spot.

I have become more aware of my body's natural hunger and fullness cues. And I've been given simple maintainable habits to keep the weight off."

Amy Howe

Wondering whether you can lose the weight AND keep it off this time?

You're right to wonder!

Most people turn to some sort of diet or exercise plan. The problem is if you don't have the right mindset techniques in place you may not be set up for success.

The research is clear.

A diet or exercise plan fails within 2-3 years if the wrong mindset is taught.  

That's why my Weight Loss Secret System teaches 70% mindset!

Jeanine Hunter

Ana helped me with my nutrition and weight loss goals. She guided me towards easy healthy choices. I feel great and my energy levels have increased.

Eamonn Flynn

Ana made it so easy for me to change my eating habits. I had tried a few things in the past but nothing stuck until Ana. 

Elizabeth McLeod

Ana is such a wise coach. She made me feel supported during our time together. I recommend her to anyone who's ready for a change in their lives.

Ready to lose weight AND keep it off?
Watch this! 

Learn Proven Weight Loss Techniques

Lose weight so you can achieve your life's goals faster

Develop An Unbeatable Mindset

Keep the weight off which means you don't feel like a fool for trying again

Get Personalized Advice And Feedback

You are supported 100% along the way which means you can adjust to changing situations

*Results vary based on individual commitment.   

What To Expect in the Weight Loss Secret System

Get instant & lifetime access to the material

Watch the lessons

Do the work

Schedule 1-1 time

Module 1: Kickstart Your Motivation

Become laser-focused on and prepared for your weight loss goals. Discover a powerful way to tap into hidden motivators accessible for life. Rev up your metabolism to start the weight loss journey.

Module 2: Create Your Success

Discover and overcome what keeps you stuck to rapidly accelerate your results. Start learning how to eat to decrease your appetite.  

Module 3: Accelerate Your Results 

  Learn how to get out of your way to see results that last. End bad habits and build new ones. Start feeling full without eating more. 

Module 4:  Crystalize Your Victory 

Take a gentle approach to crystallize your hard work for the years to come. Crush cravings and feel in control of your eating. 

Module 5: Enjoy The Ride

Learn how to enjoy your journey and still maintain your weight loss easily.

Bonus: Activate Your Activity 

Personalize your physical activity to love the skin you’re in. 

Bonus: Continue to Blossom 

Keep losing weight with 8 weeks worth of guidelines and instructions.


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3 Payments of



How long does the system take?

The system takes 12 weeks to complete. Expect to spend 2 weeks per module. The final bonus gives you an extra 8-12 weeks' worth of guidelines to follow.   

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